Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Sittin at the Beach again

Can’t stay away the closer Spring gets.
I gotta go over my checklist before I put the boat in.
Today I’m going to check over my life jackets when I get home.
I took them off of the boat as soon as I trailered it home last fall.
I’ll check them for cuts or tears.
I’ll make sure all the snaps work and are not cracked.
It’s important that the jackets are free of mildew and are clean.
Let’s face it no one is going to wear one if it’s got mildew all over it.
All I really have to do is scrub them with some warm dish detergent.
Not really much work involved considering that they could save someone’s life someday!
I need to make sure there are enough jackets on board plus a couple of extras.
Life jackets don’t last forever. Every 7-10 years I like to replace mine and sometimes even sooner as the kids were growing up to make sure we had the correct size to fit them.
Every so often you will here of a person drowning because they had the incorrect size life jacket on,
a tragedy and a life lost needlessly!
We need to take the time to do our life jacket inspections and when we launch to make sure everyone has one that fits correctly and to make sure everyone most especially the children are wearing their’s.
It’s not such a bad idea and also makes us a role model if we wear our life jackets right along with the children.
Besides, then they can’t say "well you’re not wearing your’s!"
Good Health!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Weather Man was right!

Well unfortunately the weather man was right this time.
We may not have gotten quite the amount of snow called for but we got several inches none the less.
And boy did it get cold!
It's cold enough to freeze your petunia off !
All I know is sooner or later Winter is going to lose out to Spring.
In the meantime we've got a few more things that we have to get done to make it a pleasant boating season.
I'm going to cover each one in separate posts.
I'd like to hear from you guys out there!
Send me a line or two.
Good Health

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Hi Everyone!
I’m typing this while sitting in the car down by the beach.
I just had to get out here to be around the water!
They’re saying that we may get a big snow storm tomorrow.
What ya gonna do? It’s still winter but spring is chomping at the bit.
It’s an absolutely gorgeous day today,but then again any day given to us by God is a gorgeous day!
I’m going to be writing about several important topics in my upcoming posts.
I’m going to go through a list of must do things in order to have a smooth start to the boating season.
Each is easy to do and some will be informational.
I’d like to hear from others who share my love of Pontoon Boating.
Any stories, comments or questions are welcome .
I want to keep the blog clean. I’m a long long way from being perfect but I just don’t see a need for more garbage on the net.
By the way, I believe I forgot to mention what type of pontoon boat we have.
Ours is a 1993 Aqua Patio teal green and white.
24’ foot long.
1991 Yamaha 115 HP
It has a hard top that extends from the stern to the middle of the boat.
I’ve had soft tops in the past but in my humble opinion I believe hard tops are the way to go especially if you plan on keeping the boat.
When the toons are cleaned off she’ll run right about 30 MPH.
It’s a true 115 HP right at the prop not at the powerhead.
The boat is a perfect match between speed for tubing or sking and having a flat stable deck for fishing or entertaining.
I firmly believe that a pontoon boat is the best all purpose boat money can buy

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Hope all is well with everyone.
Went out to the lake the other day just to be around the water.
The ice is melted and the water is down but not as far as usual.
Lake drawdown is usualy in early November. This year things got all screwed up because of all the rain and flooding.
It seemed like a good part of the winter the roads in several spots around the lake were inaccesible because of the flooding.
I noticed some docks left in broke loose. Same way with some plastic barrels floating around.
A set of docks ended up off to the side of the beach area.
Bottles, paper, plastic, aluminum cans and you name it, lots is washed and left further along the shoreline than I've ever seen before.
It's a damm shame how people treat the waterways! They just don't care!! They're too shortsighted to see that's what they're leaving their children and their grandchildren.
Broken glass can not only harm wildlife but also humans.
It seems to me sooner or later someone's going to tramp on a jagged piece of glass and bleed to death before they make it to the hospital.
Even down along the concrete wall at the beach people deliberately broke wine bottles and left them there where children play! It's about knee-deep at the deepest point so kids play there because it's shallow and they can put their toys on the wall.
Imagine what the lake would look like if it was drained!
Like an enviromental cesspool.

Comments anyone?

Monday, February 21, 2005

It won't be long now!

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Watching the sun go down.

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Picking up from my last post I just wanted to say that I’m going to address subjects in random order.
I was thinking about how I should approach my listings.
The easiest way is just to post either answering comments or just whatever strikes me at the time.
As we quickly approach spring many things come to mind when it comes to getting the boat ready to go.
Have we greased the axles on the trailer? How about checked the tire pressure on the trailer tires to make sure they are correct? Did we check the tire pressure on the spare tire for the trailer? Do we even have a spare for the trailer? Do we have tools to change a flat? Have we greased the trailer rails and how about the wiring on the trailer? Do all the lights work properly? That’s just some of the things on the trailer! Obviously if we wait till the last minute Murphy’s Law always seems to come into play.
What I always liked to do was to concentrate on one aspect at a time. Otherwise we get off on the wrong foot and things seem to be overwhelming.
Boating is a blast and should be a great experience. Preparation is the key. Allowing ourselves enough time to get everything prepared and ready to go makes it a pleasant experience and one that we should actually look forward to.
Here in Ohio if we’re extremely lucky we get from about the end of March(only lucked out twice in March) to about the end of October. This all depends on if you are a member of a club where docks probably will go in much later to if you are a boater who trailers your boat.
That’s why preparing things ahead of time is so important. Time on the water to me is such a precious time! Anything such as breakdowns or downtime of any sort merely takes away from what time we do have.
The last 2 years have been nearly a wash because of the weather we’ve been getting in this part of the country. Too much rain and tons of flooding! Having boat problems on top of that that could be avoided only makes it hurt that much more.
So let’s get a plan together and follow it! Besides, this way we can kill those winter blues and get to know our equipment better!
Till next post—Good Health!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Welcome !

I want to personally welcome all who share a mutual love of the water and for those most especially that share a love of pontoon boating ! I hope many will read and participate in this blog. I will be sharing my thoughts and feelings of why I feel pontoon boating is the best way of sharing family fun out on the water. Along the way I will suggest some products that I have found very useful and that may be of interest to you.
Life is most definitely a learning experience and I hope that you will offer your boating experiences and what you have learned.
Spring is just around the corner here in Ohio and everyone is starting to get the itch ! So stay tuned and please invite your pontooning friends to read along and participate.
What a wonderful group of boaters to be in !!

Pontoon Boating

Hello Everyone!